Do I need professional help to remove opossums?

Sometimes when life throws you a new problem, you start feeling out of your depth. After all, one person can’t be an expert at everything, which is why you might be inclined to call up a wildlife expert when you see signs of an opossum invasion in your home. You can’t deal with this, you think. Better let someone else fix it. Right when you make a “shocking” discovery. It turns out other people don’t fix your problems for free.

You now have two choices. You could either kick back while an expert handles your situation, with only your wallet bearing the burden of your decision, or you could tough it out and try and solve the problem on your own. So, what should you choose?

Analyze your situation
The first thing you need to do before picking up a phone or a shovel is to analyze your situation. Putting your latent skills of observation to the test you need to investigate three things: How many opossums appear to have taken board at your house, how did they get in and how long has it been since the infestation started. If your answers to the above questions all lie in the lower values, then it’s probably not worth spending your hard-earned money over a problem you could quite easily fix on your own. On the other hand, if your answers all point to a full-on invasion of opossums in your home, then you do need to call in the big guns.

How you could solve the problem on your own
Solving a small opossum problem on your own isn’t too difficult. All you need is a cage trap, some bait (opossums are omnivores so literally anything would do, but fruits, vegetables, and pet food work best), and a little patience. Before you know it, the culprit responsible for damaging your shed will be safely behind bars and ready for transport (you’d need to relocate it away from your house).

Why hiring a professional might help
There are some things only experience can teach you, and no amount of research done over the internet can even hope to give you the same level of expertise, be it in catching opossums or anything else. That’s why if you can afford it, hiring a professional is always a good idea. Not only do they know the best and effective method of removing the animal (or animals) from your home, but they ALWAYS do a thorough job, making sure there aren’t any opossums they’ve missed (like babies trapped in between walls) and that they can’t get back inside your house again. Truly, the mark of a professional.

How you decide to solve your problem is entirely up to you. However, before you call for help, it would not hurt to try and solve the problem on your own, calling for help if you truly feel the need for it. If nothing, it will be a valuable learning experience f

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