We are a Tioga County's full-service wildlife control company! You won't find another company in Tioga County that offers the wildlife removal services we offer. Below is a sample of some of what we do, but if you have ANY problem with wildlife, call us at 607-223-2060 and we will tell you how we can address your critter problem.

  • Humane Animal Trapping & Relocation

    Trapping is an art, and we have perfected it! We use over 20 different styles of traps to cover every different animal and situation.

  • Home, Roof, and Attic Inspections

    In order to fully solve a wildlife problem, we need to find out the root cause - where are the animals getting inside your building, and what damage are they causing?

  • Preventative and Animal Damage Repairs

    Our repairs are professional grade, as good as any home builder contractor. Repairs are critical to keeping wildlife out of your home. We use steel, which rodents cannot chew through.

  • Attic Feces Cleanup, Odor Control

    Animals living in your attic leave behind feces, urine, nesting material, and more, which causes odor and contamination. We specialize in insulation replacement and attic cleanouts.

  • Tioga County Snake Removal

    New York has over 20 species of snake, including a few venomous species. We are available for emergency snake removal, as well as snake trapping and prevention services.

  • Poison-free Rat & Mouse Control

    Our rodent control process is the best in Tioga County. Unlike other pest control companies, we actually solve your rat or mouse problem PERMANENTLY, by sealing shut 100% of their entry holes.

  • Bat Removal and Bird Control

    We are Tioga County's bat experts - we safely remove the entire bat colony from your house or building without killing any of them. We are also excellent at bird control, by preventing them from roosting.

  • Dead Animal Carcass Removal

    Whether you have a large dead animal below your deck or a terrible smell in your house from a dead rat in the walls, we are the experts that can find the carcass, remove it, and deodorize.

Tioga County trapping Our company is not an exterminator or a regular pest control company, but a dedicated wildlife removal company which handles mammals and reptiles. Our top specialty is the removal of animals in the attic. If you hear noises in your ceiling at night, you may have raccoons, rats, or squirrels. Raccoons are found in abundance especially in most of North America. Their numbers have exponentially increased over the past five decades due to the loss of interest in raccoon hunting. These critters are well known opportunists, and have adjusted well to town life. Their most preferred habitat includes small stands of trees and logs next to farm fields, with access to fresh water nearby. These mammals are covered in a thick silvery brown fur with distinctive markings on their face. They have a black “mask” around their eyes that protects their eyes from glaring light as they move around in the dark. This feature, accompanied with their manual dexterity has earned them the nickname “masked bandits”. They have extremely poor eyesight in light and are believed to be colorblind, but their night vision is impeccable. They have long slender fingers on their hands and feet that work just like human hands for grasping and opening things. They also have a dual cooling system which enables them to control their body temperature by both sweating and panting. Raccoons are known for their high intelligence. They are able to accomplish many tasks that exhibit a high level of cognisant skills.